"They gasped when I refused to swallow one more mouthful of bottled water from the very bottled water system which I had proudly designed and constructed to provide high quality drinking water for my own community just a few years prior."

That's right - it's finally time to admit to the biggest mistake of my career. As a dedicated expert in the water industry for the past 23 years I have carried the important message of water for a long time. I find that we do learn a lot from research and study but really I have learned the most in my career from time and experience.

We're in this amazing age of science or at least we think we are - when we talk about water we’re generally operating from a chemical mindset... as a result we can easily downplay the most important element in our life.

I've more or less had an obsession with drinking water for many years, with my training, experience and a high level of understanding of all forms of modern treatment and disinfection I’m obviously going to view drinking water on another entirely different level of reality.



As a result for many years, the only water I would consume was bottled water (AKA) reverse osmosis water in most cases.  Now, many years later, fully armed with research and all the information that most people will EVER need I’m here to share with you that bottled water perhaps had a severe negative effect on my health.  And what about tap water you ask?

Are you aware that the World Health Organization has done the research for you?

Thirteen years ago I took my drinking water obsession MUCH further, a little to far frankly...read more button

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